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AGV-based Automation

What does AGV-based automation actually mean?

Automation covers a large spectrum. As early as the 18th century, human activities were automated as part of industrialisation, e.g. with the introduction of the mechanical loom. Nowadays, tasks and processes are automated to a very large extent by means of robots, conveyor technology and mathematical algorithms. The aim is to relieve employees of monotonous, repetitive or physically demanding tasks. The scope of automation can therefore range from individual tasks to the entire factory plant.
If automated guided vehicles (AGV) are used for this purpose, we also speak of AGV-based automation. In this special field of automation, vehicles are deployed which take on transport tasks in a self-determined manner. In this special field of automation, vehicles are deployed which take on transport tasks in a self-determined manner. These AGV replace classic industrial trucks in intralogistics in particular, but can also take on far more tasks. Through the combination of vehicle and mobile robot units, AGV can, for example, also take over transport-accompanying tasks in the handling of materials. The vehicles are also able to carry out intra-company transports in outdoor areas, in some cases in gated areas.
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Advantages of AGV-based automation

Classical material-flow automation works with rigid conveyor systems that require a lot of space, handle the material inflexibly, are difficult to change and are barely scalable. Such systems require an extensive planning phase, particularly in order to avoid high costs that arise in the event of subsequent changes.
The use of an automated guided vehicle, in contrast, makes it possible to adapt the material flow dynamically and flexibly to the current demand situation. Process changes can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, so that the time to market of new products can be significantly reduced.
As the vehicles’ conveyor routes require hardly any infrastructural conversions and can be used by several, even different vehicles, the infrastructural investment costs in particular are lower with an AGV than with the classic conveyor system. In addition, existing vehicles can be used dynamically for different source-sink relationships, which means that the investments made are optimally utilised. In the case of process adaptations and expansions which arise with the development of the business, AGV can be successively expanded or can take over alternative tasks.

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In all sectors and for all company sizes, we want to utilise our ideas to enable the use of driverless transport vehicles. With a variety of vehicles, integration into the existing and controlling IT landscape and the inclusion of infrastructures of all kinds. We hereby offer not only control software but also the advantage of our many years of experience in the realisation of AGV projects.

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As a vehicle-neutral project partner, our objective is to work in collaboration with you to build a driverless transport system that is designed specifically for your processes and requirements and also supports your future ideas and challenges. We will be happy to advise you at every stage of the project.
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