The biggest challenges for AGV operators are proprietary control systems. Each automation solution brings its own software world, mostly incompatible with already integrated solutions from other manufacturers. This makes it easy for planners and users to lose the overview. In addition, existing facilities are inflexible and can only be scaled with difficulty to meet the dynamically changing requirements of modern logistics.

There have been industry-wide efforts to address this problem in the past. For example, the openTCS open control system was developed as part of a publicly funded project. The aim was to use this system to control FTFs from different manufacturers in a comprehensive and uniform manner. However, openTCS has not established itself.

Standardised interface between AGV and master control
A new concept is now being pursued in VDA 5050, which was developed by the VDA and VDMA in cooperation. It does not aim to standardise the master controllers, but to standardise the interface between the AGV and the master controller. This makes it possible to connect AGVs and master controllers across manufacturers.

In the long term, it will become clear whether VDA 5050 can unify the system landscape or whether constant deviations from the standard due to requirements will produce new isolated solutions.

Although, in our view, VDA 5050 cannot technically cover all fields of application in the AGV sector, we believe that the interface represents an opportunity for standardisation in the industry. movizon CONTROL 4 therefore also supports the connection of vehicles according to VDA 5050 on request.

Are you interested in a manufacturer-neutral control system for your driverless transport vehicles? We would be happy to introduce you to our control system.