In the first half of this year, the previous version 4.0 of our software was rolled out at our customer Loacker, among others, and has since proven itself in productive use. Based on a technologically renewed architecture, the version has created connectivity options that are unique in the industry. For example, interfaces can be set up easily via configuration outside of the release cycle.

The phase of conception and implementation of new projects has also been simplified since the integration of AGV via VDA 5050 V2.0 and significantly shortened for the benefit of our customers. In addition to the flexible integration of AGV/AMR on the basis of the VDA 5050 standard, the release of version 4.1 focused on performance on the part of the core/backend. Based on the increased performance, new features were developed, which further increase the benefit of the software for our customers.

Feature News

Quick Actions

integration of Quick Actions in the header of the Main UI. For example, driving orders can be created or other logistical switching operations executed with just two mouse clicks.

Browser-local settings

Possibility to save personal settings of the UI in the local memory of the browser, such as the UI theme (dark/light) and the default view on the map. Last one allows especially for complex logistic facilities the concentrated view on a subarea directly after the start of the UI.

Links in resource tables

Resources in the tables of the Main UI can be linked from version 4.1. For example, current destination waypoints of a transport order are directly visible.

Unique IDs for resources

By default, movizon CONTROL reuses numeric IDs of resources after their deletion to keep the number space compact. As of version 4.1, the use of unique IDs can now also be activated for each resource type. These IDs correspond to the numerical value of the current system time and are thus always unique within the resource type. This is particularly important for long-term data analysis, as individual resources can be uniquely referenced across system boundaries.

Graphic dashboard editor

Dashboards for clear status display can be configured for all resources in movizon CONTROL (vehicles, machines, waypoints, etc.). This configuration is now simplified by a graphical editor.

Screenshot: Model Editor based on the example of KATE (Unterfahr AGV of Götting KG)


The next versions will focus even more on usability. In open feedback with our customers and partners, we are constantly working on further simplifying the usability of the UI. The goal is to make settings even more intuitive. In addition, known features from version 3 will be revised and published with the next feature release.