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movizon CONTROL* – the control system for individual logistics processes.

Cross-industry In- and Outdoor Applications

In addition to the seamless integration and control of various AGVs, AMRs, and manual vehicles, movizon CONTROL also provides a complete visualization of all logistics processes and facilities in the software. This not only offers a continuously comprehensive overview of traffic events and process execution but also encompasses all components involved in the process, such as machines, traffic lights, barriers, elevators, and other infrastructure components. The visualization and management of warehouses and parking spaces, as part of warehouse management, are handled by movizon CONTROL, along with real-time tracking of containers and materials. Regardless of the manufacturer or navigation type, AGVs and AMRs can be selected based on the process requirements, and fleets can be customized accordingly. Furthermore, the integration of AGVs and AMRs into existing fleets, even beyond the VDA 5050 interface, is possible at any time through various interfaces.

* With the last major release our software has appeared with many new features and a new name. The previous versions of our control software are still called TransportControl.

Under-run AGV with tank container from VDL Steelweld operating outdoors.

KLT AGV from Götting KG in operation at the Italian confectionery manufacturer Loacker. In addition to the vehicles, movizon CONTROL orchestrates the entire facility, including machines, across multiple levels via elevators.

Customized process design

Modular structure, flexible and adaptable.

The ability to seamlessly integrate AGVs, AMRs, manual vehicles, and the complete integration of the system landscape (IT systems, facilities, machinery, and infrastructure components) enables a holistic overview beyond just traffic events. By integrating all components involved in the process, such as machines, traffic lights, barriers, elevators, etc., and combining it with intelligent data analysis and utilization, a transparent real-time visualization of logistics processes and facilities is achieved.

movizon CONTROL paves the way for transparent and dynamic logistics processes through

  • Automation of individual processes
  • Complete real-time visualization of logistics processes and facilities
  • Holistic smart job and order management
  • Full integration of various autonomous and manual systems
  • Extensive connectivity to IT systems, infrastructure, and machinery
  • Comprehensive material flow planning and simulation

Unrestricted integration of AGVs and AMRs

Independent of manufacturer and navigation types

Cross-industry flexibility of the software allows for the setup and control of mixed fleets regardless of the vehicle type. Regardless of the manufacturer or navigation type, AGVs and AMRs can be selected based on the process requirements, and fleets can be customized accordingly. The flexibility is evident in the interface design. In addition to the standardized integration of vehicles via the VDA 5050 interface, integration is also possible through various interfaces such as REST, UDP, MQTT, OPC-UA, etc. Controlling a mixed fleet with vehicles integrated through different interfaces is feasible, as well as the additional integration of manual vehicles.

From integrating 90 track-guided undercarriage AGVs into the production processes of the food industry to controlling transponder-navigated AGVs with a payload of over 70 tons in outdoor operations – there are no limitations from a software perspective.

Interface diversity at LogiMAT: AGVs from various manufacturers integrated via three different interfaces (VDA 5050, REST, and UDP). The HERBIE by carrybots and the KATE by Götting KG are optically guided, while the AGV from Asseco CEIT, a.s. is contour-navigated with omnidirectional drive.

Movizon Control

Genuinely manufacturer-neutral

As an independent software manufacturer, we have designed our AGV control system in such a way that it can exchange data with a large number of systems and objects, irrespective of the manufacturer. With movizon CONTROL, you can also flexibly expand AGV fleets in the long term in complex processes and individually adapt them to current requirements. Independently and sustainably.

Flexible and individually configurable

Our scripting system makes it possible for the AGV control system to be easily adapted to your individual requirements and to be expanded agilely and without system interruptions. We are happy to take over this development on your behalf, but you are, of course, free to programme your own logics and processes. Flexible and individually configurable.

Real-time-capable in the cloud

When installed in your computer centre, movizon CONTROL exchanges data with transport systems and physical objects of the smart factory every 100 ms as standard. In this way, AGV and smart systems can be controlled and visualised in real time. Even with a cloud-based system installation, the control and visualisation of your logistics takes place in real time. With cloud-capability and sustainably.

Modularly expandable and scalable

Our AGV control system movizon CONTROL has a modular design so that the functional scope of your software can be flexibly extended and expanded. Whether outdoor or indoor, small or large vehicles, SLAM navigation or lane guidance or changing infrastructures – with movizon CONTROL, you are prepared for all the challenges of the future.

movizon CONTROL makes your AGV and AMR even smarter

Automate now in a sustainable and flexible manner

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Genuinely manufacturer-neutral

Flexible and individually configurable

Real-time-capable in the cloud

Modularly expandable and scalable

Ensuring that you are well prepared for the future

movizon CONTROL has everything you need

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Cost-optimised AGV utilisation

  • Route optimisation
  • Flexible vehicle navigation
  • Order management
  • Dynamic envelopes

Integration of the infrastructure

movizon CONTROL integrates your driverless vehicles into the physical world and enables, for example, dynamic interaction with gates, traffic lights, fire-alarm systems, barriers, channels and lifts. This enables smooth automated transport. For this purpose, the Target API forms the universal interface to vehicles and stationary PLC of machines and systems that represent the physical environment on the shop floor. In this way, UDP telegrams are exchanged between the objects and movizon CONTROL.

Integration of IoT devices

movizon CONTROL enables AGV to interact with a wide variety of Internet of Things participants. For example, transport orders can be triggered using smart watches, sensors, scanners or dash buttons, and material movements can be tracked using beacons or RFID devices.

VDA 5050

The control system is constantly being further developed so that modern interface standards of the industry can also be integrated. movizon CONTROL offers the possibility of connecting and networking systems via a wide variety of interfaces. This means that you are free to equip your transport system with differing vehicles and objects which suit your processes, without having to focus on one standard.

Web access

movizon CONTROL can be called up in any modern browser and requires no installation on the end devices. The interface visualises all relevant information in real time.

Custom UI

With our scripting system we can create additional user interfaces in order to control, visualise and monitor logistical processes easily and, above all, intuitively. This enables, for example, individual views for different devices or the optimised interaction of employees on the shop floor.

Target Simulator

The integrated simulator makes it possible to simulate and test AGV-based processes in the control software without using real vehicles. This function supports the design of AGV projects and ensures agile further development of the system.


movizon CONTROL is characterised by a modular structure in which the software components are decoupled from each other. The DuraCore manages and monitors the functionality. If a fault occurs in one part of the system, this area is shut down, while the rest of the system remains undisturbed; the AGV control system is protected against a complete system failure at all times. The DuraCore therefore enables fast identification of occurring problems and targeted elimination without downtime.

Integration in the physical environment

  • Integration of the infrastructure
  • Integration of IoT devices
  • VDA 5050

Route optimisation

A cost-based and dynamically optimised route calculation based on intelligent algorithms ensures that the AGV fleet is always optimally deployed, that it is assigned the most efficient routes and that obstacles are avoided if necessary. Changes to the route due to current events can also be communicated to the AGV during an ongoing order and the route can be dynamically adjusted.

Flexible vehicle navigation

The optimal order allocation and route calculation are realised by means of mathematical algorithms. In this way, different navigation techniques of the transport systems can be integrated. Current traffic information of the system is incorporated and calculations are dynamically optimised.

Order management

Whether indoor or outdoor, all transport orders are created and distributed to the AGV in a resource-optimised manner. The result is a convenient, reliable handling of logistical processes and a detailed visualisation of all transports and their status.

Dynamic envelopes

The continuous communication between the automated guided vehicle and movizon CONTROL enables the calculation of a virtual dynamic envelope around the vehicle. If the envelopes of two AGV touch, they change their speeds according to predefined priority rules and react dynamically to the respective traffic situation. This optimised traffic control avoids block operation, the triggering of emergency stops and additional process costs.

Just-in-time AGV control

All jobs can be transmitted to the vehicles with a defined arrival time. The departure time is thereby calculated on the basis of the expected driving time and the time for the provision of actions. movizon CONTROL independently determines the action times individually for each vehicle. The system continues to learn so that just-in-time delivery is realised reliably and on the basis of the expected traffic situation.

Battery/charging management

Intelligent battery and charging management ensures that your AGV make effective use of idle time to recharge their batteries and prepare for their next assignment. In addition, charging times and battery levels are taken into account in optimal route and job planning and appropriate stops are scheduled. This significantly increases the availability of the AGV fleet.

Event system

Shift operations, break times and other time-based processes can be realised via the event system. Individual processes are thereby linked to events and triggered automatically.

Traffic management

By means of the integrated script system, customer-specific decision-making principles such as priority rules, route costs, etc. can be taken into account for route calculation.


Our internal H2 database is available for secure administration. Alternatively, it is possible to connect SQL databases so that this data can also be managed externally.


The MultiConverter module is equipped with a multitude of interface functions and enables any communication between movizon CONTROL and the IT system landscape that goes beyond the REST API.


The REST API – as a state-of-the-art interface for web services – is movizon CONTROL’s standard interface for interacting with customer systems.

Feature diversity by means of scripting system

  • Just-in-time AGV control
  • Battery/charging management
  • Event system
  • Traffic management

User-friendly interface

  • Web access
  • Custom UI
  • Target Simulator

Integration in the IT system landscape

  • MultiConverter
  • Databases

System stability

  • DuraCore

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