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Project No. 3 Company in the industrial-truck sector

Illustration of an AGV of the company A&A Logistik

The challenge

The customer intended to achieve cost savings by automating production processes, despite a predefined cycle time. For this purpose, the personnel should be deployed more efficiently and relieved of monotonous work.

The AGV system should be expandable in order to cope with future increases in production capacity, as a result of which the control system had to be expandable and allow for future integrations. In addition, the customer desired a live visualisation of his vehicles.

Sector Project start Route network Navigation
Chemistry 2014 550 m Optically track-guided
AGV type AGV weight AGV quantity Integrations
A&A AGV, optically track guided 50 kg payload 40 SAP (2016)

The solution approach

Based on the requirements, a specification sheet was created in collaboration with the customer.

During the course of the creation, all necessary processes for the AGV-based automation of the production, as well as an alternative to the in-house software, were determined in order to realise the targeted cost reduction. These were implemented in the control system. Within the framework of the commissioning on site, additional optimisations were carried out on the live system.

movizon CONTROL in operation – The result

Through the utilisation of our ATS control system movizon CONTROL, it was possible, amongst other things, to deploy the personnel more efficiently.

  • Flexibility and reliability of production increased through AGV-based automation
  • Process stability thanks to reliable control system

movizon CONTROL is characterised by its modular structure. A distinction is hereby made between standard modules and customer-specific modules. It is possible to subsequently implement module scopes at any time.. In this particular case, this means that the customer will be able to connect a WMS at a later point in time.

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